HOPKINS provides a notable array of services to satisfy the needs of any Client. HOPKINS is your one-call solution!  Great attention to detail and dedication to quality combined with our impressive safety record allows HOPKINS to provide our Clients with an exceptional product, unbeatable service and all at cost savings that are instrumental in reaching financial goals.  Whether it’s maintaining and improving your facility, refining operational processes or perhaps you are seeking qualified consulting advice, we can help.  It’s what we do! Partner with HOPKINS today and discover the possibilities.

  • Construction & Capital Projects – Provide and manage a variety of construction services and capital projects
  • Facility Maintenance and Operational Services – Providing full-service maintenance operation of facility and Management of operational processes
  • Management and Consulting Services – Resource for decades of qualified, hands-on experience


“Direct Impact – Taking on various roles Mississippi-based Hopkins Advantage helps clients across the automotive industry focus on productivity” – used with permission from Southern Automotive Alliance

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